Daily testimony February 21

Hi everyone, how many of you ever had that moment when you go through a situation very suddenly and unexpectedly and through it, something comes up that is so confrontational you kinda wish you hadn’t been confronted with it? Yeah, I had that last night. I’m making this a really short testimony but I will write a very long text on it (maybe tomorrow) because it is about being perfect, and I think many people in the world may feel that need in their life in a particular area too much and it might be either stressing them out with worry or holding them back from trying things. I think it is an important subject to discuss and I will share something about the Word of God that a pastor shared with me, that helped me in this confrontational issue. The next day I felt like I had lost a boxing match against a heavyweight champion, but I am grateful for the confrontation, but I’ll elaborate when I post the text about being perfect. I’m going to sleep now.

Notice: daily testimonies will turn back into weekly testimonies. I still have plenty testimonies I can continue to share, even today I received one and Friday also, but I think it is best to put a little more time on my neglected projects now that our program has passed and there are still a lot of things I want to write.

Fasting diary day 21 final day

Today marked the last day of our 3 week fasting and prayer program. Therefore, today was a bit difficult, because it marked the finishline. Not that I was tempted. I was in church, there was nothing to tempt me with. But I felt my stomach growling at me more than I previously had throughout the fasting. Because I had the prospect of eating twice or trice a day again and was pretty honestly quite tired, and that may be understating it. Those of you who followed my other posts, notice how little sleep I had taken in the past few days and my average amount of sleep per night during the program was probably somewhere around 2 hours a night, with some longer sleeps, some shorter sleeps and some sleepless nights. But it was all worth it, to be honest. And it was very easily manageable, it all went much easier than I imagined. There’s a highly appropriate statement that Paul makes in the book of Philippians.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13 NIV

Nevertheless, I am taking a sabbath day tomorrow, before planning the next month, in which I hope to catch up with some temporarily neglected projects.

Daily testimony February 20 2021

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my being born-again. It’s kind of like my birthday. It is, in fact, my birthday. My spiritual birthday. I just want to say how grateful I am for all that the Lord has taught me to understand this 1 year and all that He has shown me about myself (some things were very confronting, others very difficult but always with help from the Holy Spirit and always it turned out for my good). All the transformations He has mightily worked in me (I’ll share some testimonies of this in some time to come), the complete character change, the change of friends and surroundings, His grace, His mercies, my health, my crooked back becoming straight.. I could continue but it’s time to sweep. Stay in expectation of more testimonies, some of these things I mentioned I may choose to elaborate on.

Testimony February 19 2021

Jesus is my Source of Peace. I was overwhelmed by the emotions everyone felt yesterday, but the hit always comes the day after with me (and with most empaths I know). I should have taken my salty shower after finishing the work for the day, but chose to sleep 20 minutes because I really wanted to wake up to praise the Lord for His mighty miracle at midnight. So the next day (the 19th) that’s when it hit me, because I kept pushing it away, because I wanted first to be there for everyone and then to rejoice with everyone when all was well and then.. well I just wanted to sleep after that. Those 20 minutes. So I kept pushing it away but before church it came to me, and I couldn’t ignore it. It was so overwhelming (more than a dozen people feeling negative ánd positive emotions plus my own relief and joy) that I started to cry (often tiredness has something to do with this as well). I took my salty shower but still felt overwhelmed when I entered the church. I started to pray and within a minute or 2 I felt very peaceful and I had found my balance again (in Jesus). Thank you my Lord, you are my Peace🙏

The power in the name of our Lord! Testimony

Our Lord Jesus did a mighty miracle this morning! There is a woman with our church. One of her sons is sick. They sleep here so that the young man can be healed of his sickness. Thursday morning, however, he was having trouble breathing and whilst we were praying for him, he stopped breathing for a few hours. We kept praying for him and around 8:30 in the morning, after his body had become stiff for at least an hour already, some of us brought him to the hospital. His brothers and the pastor went with the young man and they continued in prayer, so did most of us at the church. His mother was with us also. It was her who received the phone call at around 11:30am that her son has come back to life. Praise God! He can do anything and His mercies endureth forever. Also: they came back from the hospital that same evening to worship the Lord in church and the young man has been healed of his sickness as far as I can see and he has no brain damage at all, as far as I can notice. He is as I remember him to be from before he became sick, though I should admit I did not previously have much contact with him.

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